Because of its monuments , spanish and nazaries mixed cultures and its gastronomy Granada is considered on of the most beautiful and worth visiting cities in Spain. That is why you shouldn´t miss any detail of all these hided spots when visiting this city. We will tell you which places you shouldn´t miss to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

1. Enjoy Alhambra

You can not leave Granada without visiting its magnificent Nazari palace Alhambra. It should be your first stop. Behind its walls there are stories, history and marvellous architecture hiding and it has been declared a Unesco world Heritage.

You will find different areas in Alhambra and it is a visit that need some time, but it is definitely worth it. There are palaces and gardens to take your time off and relax, its monuments and details will surprise you and will transport you with its stories, so in the end you want to know more and enjoy more Granada. Best place to start.

2. Get lost in narrow streets next to Plaza Nueva

Plaza Nueva is situated between the city centre and Albaicin suburb. That is the oldest and most noble part of the city. Its narrow streets and all monumental old buildings like Real Chancillería makes Plaza Nueva square very picturesque. You can find also many good tapas bars in that area.

3. Enter and discover Granada´s Cathedral

This monumental renaissance style building in the very heart of the city centre was the first built by catholic kings.

Its not enough to see it only from outside, even though that is already very impressive, inside is even more. You will discover art, a different style that we are used to see in cathedrals and you will love its colourful glasswork windows.

4. Enjoy the viewpoints

You can go there in any time of the day and you will be blown away cause of the views, especially on sunsets. And don´t forget your camera, you might want to freeze that moment.

3 most impressive viewpoints are:

  • San Cristobal
  • San Nicolás
  • Los Carvajales

Those three places could be an end of your daily route in the city in where you´ll find peace and joy as in some of the viewpoints is very typical to find local flamenco artists playing music.

5. Albaicín suburb

To have a walk in the old narrow streets in Albaicín is something you shouldn´t miss either. You will find yourself between white little houses, that are decorated with flowers, end up in hidden little squares and in viewpoints to the city and Alhambra that we mentioned before.

The hills will guide you to monumental buildings like Dar al-Horra, monasteries and old Moorish houses.

6. A walk next to the river Darro

After visiting all these beautiful churches, palaces, squares, monasteries and so on, we recommend you a place to rest. And there is no better place for that than Paseo de los Tristes.

You can take a walk enjoying the river sounds and views to Alhambra or sit down and grab a bite. This is a perfect place for that. It is full of little bars and restaurants and terraces, where to try local food and tapas.

7. Famous tapas

After a long day there is no better way to regain energy and enjoy the night than go and try Granadas gastronomy. In our previous post we give you information where to do that. Go and check it out.

And if you like tea, we recommend you to go to teterías that you can find in Albaicin.

8. Flamenco dance show

And last but not least, what to do at night? Apart of all the options we gave, one of the very typical thing in Andalusia is flamenco dancing and singing. If you are fond of itor interested seeing one, you can go and visit some flamenco “tablao”. In Granada there are many of them inside caves, that makes it even more authentic.

If you are looking for a dinner and flamenco show afterwards, in Ruta del Azafrán 

you can find that. A quiet dinner in the restaurant and afterwards a flamenco dance show in a cave nearby.

Now you know all the best possibilities to have the best trip and experiences. It will be your life long remembered journey, full of special moments and stories.