The city of Granada is unique for its views and its beauty. The gastronomy, however, is what truly makes the city stand out. If you are looking for some special places to the enjoy local dishes during your trip to Granada then here you can find some areas that are popular among both locals and tourists.

Paseo de los Tristes

Paseo de los Tristes is one of the most emblematic areas of Granada. You can enjoy views to the Alhambra and have a lovely walk next to the river Darro.

You have a wide variety of local dishes to choose from – some with a modern twist and others straight from a Spanish abuela’s kitchen. Make sure to be part of Granada’s special ambient by enjoying a Sangria on one of the many terraces – with some luck you may witness a wedding party headed up to the Carmenes in Albaicín  to celebrate the most special day of their lives.

Gonzalo Gallas

If you prefer tapas to full out meals, this is your place. It is a vivid street, next to Camino de Ronda, that boasts with some of Granada’s most famous tapas. You will always find the area full of life and movement which goes perfectly with a glass of Spanish wine.

Plaza de Toros

The bullring area is a bit out of the way for the regular tourist – situated in a residential area, it is a very common gathering place for university students in the afternoons and evenings. Nevertheless, it’s worth the trip both for the great tapas and a look at the arena of a Spanish bullfighter.

Calle Navas

If you consider yourself a foodie, then this place, situated in old town next to Plaza del Carmen, should be on your radar.

You can experience a diverse cultural and gastronomic experience here. There are many tapas bars and restaurants that offer local cuisine with a special Nasrid touch.

Even though it is a popular street among tourists, the prices are good and even locals don’t shy away.

La Catedral de Granada

As a centric and attractive part of the city the Cathedral offers places to eat without moving from the city center – situated near Plaza de la Romanilla and Marques de Gerona. Beautiful gothic architecture and classical details combined with good gastronomy is what you will find.

Palacio de los deportes

This new  modern suburb won locals’ hearts with their good bars and restaurants, despite being off the beaten path. You can find them next to Paseo del Emperador Carlos V and sports complex Nuñez blanca. With its nice terraces it’s a place to go for tapas on sunny days.
Campo del Principe

Next to the centre, in old jewish suburb called Realejo there is an area filled with greenery. In hot summer days it is a refugee for locals at nights, who come to enjoy peaceful plazas with great views. Nice place to get lost in narrow streets, discover this suburbs history, traditions and eat well.

With this information you can be sure to have a lovely and tasty experience of the life in Granada. You just have to choose your spot or even visit them all!